If you’ve ever watched “Popeye the Sailor” cartoon show, you already know how powerful a meal of spinach can be. Spinach is a herb with dark green colored leaves. This leafy herb can be declared as the most powerful, nutrient packed herb that has ever existed on earth. Spinach is rich in minerals, proteins, iron and vitamins, besides being a low calorie herb. It’s role in the well being of bones, hair and skin are quite well-known.

Being rich in iron content, spinach is a best remedy to enhance nutrient absorption and help the body in utilizing the energy efficiently. The rich magnesium content of spinach makes it useful in maintaining normal nerve and muscle function, it keeps the heart rhythm normal as well, maintains healthy immune surveillance and keeps blood pressure under control.

It is a highly recommended herb for diabetic patients because alpha-lipoic acid present in spinach keeps the blood glucose levels low, causes an increase in insulin sensitivity and manages the oxidative and stress related changes which keep occuring in the patients suffering from diabetes.

Due to the high chlorophyll content present in spinach, it could also prevent cancer. It is because the scientific studies conducted in 2013 have proved that chlorophyll acts a blocking agent for certain types of carcinogens. These carcinogens especially heterocyclic amines have been seen to form when the food is grilled at a very high temperature, thus consuming spinach very often can be a good eating habit.

Spinach is a rich source of nutrients and beta carotene is one such nutrient. The consumption of beta carotene can help in preventing asthma, this study has been successfully conducted practically and the results were positive. Also the possession of high potassium content makes spinach an ideal herb for the people who often suffer from high blood pressure which could mainly be due to elevated levels of sodium.

Not only that, spinach can reduce your risk of getting your bone fractured because the Vitamin K content present in spinach is directly associated with bone development and adequate Vitamin K levels prevent the bones from getting brittle. It can also act as a beautifying agent, due to good Vitamin A and Vitamin C content present in spinach. Both of these vitamins are essential for maintenance of skin, hair and nails. The last but not the least beneficial effect of spinach is making your stomach healthier and preventing constipation.