The health benefits of garlic were discovered by the Greek’s a long time ago. Hippocrates often used to treat his patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions with garlic. Garlic is a close relative of onion and they both belong to the same family. Each garlic bulb is a composition of perfectly arranged cloves similar to the orange slices, which can be 10 – 20 in number.

Garlic possess some potent health benefits and can help us to fight against different diseases. Due to the immunostimulatory nature of garlic, its intake can boost our immune system and prepare it to fight against flu such as common cold, etc. You won’t need to go to a doctor regularly to get your flu treated, if you’ll make garlic as your daily cooking ingredient.

Other than being highly nutritious in terms of its mineral and nutrient content, garlic also possesses an active ingredient which has been proven to help in reduction of blood pressure. Its blood pressure controlling ability outclasses certain synthetic drugs as well. Thus, making garlic the best natural remedy to get rid of high blood pressure.

The regular intake of garlic has also been shown to lower the cholesterol levels which may in turn help you in staying away from heart related issues. Besides that, the higher antioxidant levels in garlic could also be helpful in fighting against Alzheimer’s diseases and could also cure other mental problems such as dementia.

Although it has not been extensively experimented on humans yet but garlic may also act as a performance enhancer for athletes as well as during a regular workout. The researchers have a reason to believe that garlic was used for similar purposes in ancient times to make the labourers capable of handling extra work.

To cut short the neverending list of health benefits that are associated with garlic consumption, here are some more health benefits of consuming garlic on a regular basis viz. detoxification of heavy metals in the body, good for the development and maintenance of bones, may enhance the longevity of your life and can be used in any dish because of its delicious taste and aroma. Thus, garlic is a perfect herb to maintain your daily well being and at the sametime make your dishes taste better.

These are only those health benefits of garlic which have been scientifically proved by the researchers but there are a lot more benefits that garlic can possess, however it will take time to know them all. Until that happens, you can happily keep consuming garlic and try to make it your culinary item. There is no such dish that won’t taste better by introducing a few cloves of garlic.