How to Treat Stomach Pain At Home

How to Treat Stomach Pain At Home

Stomach pain is a very common problem and everyone encounters it more than once in a lifetime. It can be caused due to a multitude of medical issues which could be serious or non-serious such as constipation, infection, indigestion, etc. You can’t always go to a doctor for a stomach pain and few actually do it. Therefore, you can learn a few home remedies to overcome stomach pain as follows:


It may not sound right but this is tested remedy to cure stomach pain. If you’re already aware of the fact that you have a poor stomach and that’s why you suffer from stomach pain, you just need to create an every day walking schedule and after someday, you will start to feel an improvement in your stomach.

Mix Juice

Or you can just prepare a juice by mixing lemon, ginger and mint juice. You will need to extract the juice from each of these ingredients separately, and then add equal quantity of all the three juices i.e. one teaspoon and drink it twice a day. The stomach pain will stay away from you all day long.