Herbs for relaxation

Herbs for relaxation

Unfortunately, in the modern world, stress is something that the vast majority of people are dealing with and it can have a negative impact on your general health and wellbeing. There are herbs that can help you with this.


Lavender is an all-round herb when it comes to health. It can be used to calm and heal the skin, to soothe anxiety and to help to achieve restful sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is important as tiredness can aggravate anxiety and stress. Put a few drops of lavender oil in bath water or onto a pillow to help with restful sleep. You can also create a massage oil that will help to soothe the skin and the aroma will last for hours.


Chamomile is a good herb to use for relaxation, particularly if you are struggling to sleep. Chamomile tea has been popular as an insomnia treatment for centuries. It works well when combined with lavender and can also be used in baths and as a skin treatment. The flowers are used to make the tea but it is also available as an oil for simpler use.

Herbs in the home

You don’t have to use the herbs like this to harness their benefits. You can dry herbs and have them around the home and the aroma will still work well to help you to relax. Dried herbs can be added to sachets. You can even create a soothing environment by using patterned wallpapers with a herbal design in your home. The kitchen is a good spot for a wallpaper like this and with a design in soft colours it will instantly create a calm room where you can relax and move away from the stress in other areas of your life.

Adding herbs to your routine is easier than you might think. Aromatherapy oils can be used in diffusers and baths so that you can inhale the fragrance. You can carry them with you and inhale the fragrance whenever you feel as though the day is getting to be too much for you. Herbal teas are readily available or you can grow your own and create your own teas. However you decide to include herbs in your routine, you will start to see the benefits almost immediately and should noticed a definite improvement in your ability to handle stress and anxiety.