Significant Technology Breaks in the History of Healthcare

Significant Technology Breaks in the History of Healthcare

Technology is evolving, and with it, other industries are facing a great revolution. Healthcare sector is not left behind either. Technology is playing a massive role in making healthcare more efficient. Here are significant technological innovations in healthcare.

Sensors and Wearable Technology

Data-driven medicine is what pushes the healthcare sector into coming up with better technological advancements. One such accomplishment is with sensors and wearable technology for collecting data. Examples of wearable tech include bandages that can detect a pH change to let you know if your wound is infected or a cardiac cast with a pacemaker to detect any abnormal changes in your heartbeat.

Electronic Health Record

Record keeping in healthcare facilities is vital. Fortunately, the invention of electronic health records allows you to integrate all documents into a single platform where you can access it and manage it better. Additionally, with the shift to data-driven medicine, EHRs will come in handy as data tools. Currently, more and more hospitals are incorporating EHRs.

Remote Monitoring Tools

Remote monitoring tools help the healthcare centre to monitor the health of their patients. The technology has been beneficial in numerous ways which include the following:

  • It helps reduce the number of readmissions by a large margin
  • Reduces medical costs and saves time since patients don’t have to go to doctors for minor issues

Kidney Dialysis

Every organ in your body is critical, including the kidneys. But what happens when these organs fail? Well, more organs in your body start falling and puts you at risk of getting more illnesses. You are at risk of high blood pressure in a low functioning kidney, heart disease, among other conditions.

Kidney dialysis is a form of treatment that uses a dialyzer (a machine that acts like an artificial kidney) to perform some of the kidneys’ functions that kidney failure patients cannot. Thanks to technology, you have treatment options like dialysis or kidney transplants when you are at the end stage of kidney diseases.