Beneficial Herbs for Seniors

Beneficial Herbs for Seniors

Seniors often end up making a lot of adjustments to their lifestyles. One of the significant changes often comes with the food they consume. Their appetites are not the same as what they once were and keeping up with the proper nutrition can become challenging for them. They often lose interest in the taste of food but this can be offset by using herbs and spices that are not only healthy but add more appeal to the food they do consume.


This is a great spice to be incorporated into the senior’s diet. It is recognised for its antioxidants and the claim made by many that it is ideal for cleansing the human system. This is beneficial to seniors because their systems don’t work as well at removing toxins and waste that can accumulate, making them feel tired and sluggish. An easy way for them to incorporate this into their diet is when it is used with chicken or rice dishes.


Many seniors tend to have a sensitive stomach and they become nauseated easily. Ginger has long been recognised as a solution for this. It can help with digestion and may help the body with absorption. There are many different forms in which it can be consumed, such as in hot and cold drinks or in a stir fry.


Many seniors tend to avoid garlic as they feel it is too strong for them, but when used in small amounts, it can be beneficial for helping to ward off colds. Some claims are made that it can help regulate blood pressure. It doesn’t take much to enjoy its effects and it can be used in a variety of foods.

Gingko Biloba

This is a herb that a lot of people are really not familiar with. Those who are aware of it give it credit for helping with memory retention, which is a common problem among the elderly. It can be taken in a pill version, or there are some teas that contain it.