Post-Op Recovery with the Use of Herbs

Post-Op Recovery with the Use of Herbs

Herbs are a useful addition to any diet and medicine cabinet, with numerous benefits for well-being. However, one little-known use is that they can speed up recovery times after surgeries and operations. Major operations can also include cosmetic surgery, which often requires long periods of recovery before life returns to normality.

Recovery After Breast Implants

One operation that has become more popular and certainly more affordable over the last few years is that of breast implants. Women can turn to renowned surgeons at and can rest assured that they are in safe hands. Their confidence will improve, which results in an overall sense of well-being and good health. By taking appropriate herbs following surgery, their recovery time can be minimised.

Herbal Teas Following Surgery

Although the expert consultants at Motiva can be relied upon to use modern technology when requiring smaller incisions, women will need to take time to recover. One common mild side-effect after an operation is lack of appetite. This is the time to reach out for lemon balm tea. This particular herb is known to stimulate the appetite and can also be used as a sedative. This allows women to relax and admire their newly enhanced breasts!

The anaesthetic used during the surgery may lead to a feeling of nausea. This is easily overcome by drinking ginger tea. The caring and professional Motiva staff can help with any post-op queries, and it won’t be long before it’s time to buy some new underwear to show off the breast implants.

Enhancing the Immune System

The immune system plays a vital role in overall health, and the use of herbs can help with this. After arranging the surgery with Motiva, this is the time to get stocked up with the necessary supplements to take afterwards at home. Green tea will certainly help as it has anti-bacterial properties. Surgery is nothing to fear.