Natural Health Remedies: Life Saving Herbs and Spices

Natural Health Remedies: Life Saving Herbs and Spices

There are thousands of health benefits that can be obtained through herbs. Herbs have been used as a medicinal healing or health maintenance tool for centuries. If you are hoping to improve and maintain your overall health but would like to avoid those overproduced pharmaceuticals, then it is wise to learn some of the herbs, most famous for their healing qualities.


Cinnamon is a spice that is inexpensive, and available almost everywhere. Its antioxidant content helps lower fatty acids in the blood, cholesterol and inflammation. Cinnamon also helps in the break down of carbohydrates in your digestive system, lowering your blood sugar. It is an all-around great spice that can be used in plenty of recipes, drinks or desserts.


Sage is a herb that is proven to help ease your mind. It is shown to increase brain function and memory, especially in illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to slow down the onset of any memory loss, a sage extract is a great place to start.


Peppermint has tummy calming effects you never knew about. If you have an upset stomach, digestive issues, or an irritable bowel, then peppermint may be a herb that you need to work into your diet more. Expectant mothers love peppermint, and its proven abilities to eliminate nausea, bloating and other digestive issues.


Basil is a herb with plenty of healing qualities. A herb that is easy to plant, grow and maintain in your home, basil is one of the herbs that is easy to keep around. A staple for any Italian meal, basil can keep blood sugar levels low, as well as treat different symptoms of depression and anxiety. Keep one of these herbs in the window, and mix it into your diet more often.


Ginger has been known to have some great anti-inflammatory, and anti-nausea, abilities. One of the main ingredients in nausea medications around here, ginger is a cold suppressing, cancer killing, pain managing super herb. Throw a chunk of ginger in your soups, stir fry’s or just boil it and have a cup of tea. You’ll feel the medicinal qualities work right away.


The herbs used in many regular meals possess many great qualities for keeping you healthy. Garlic is a staple for most cooks, and it contains many illness-fighting attributes. Garlic helps battle colds, and keeps your heart healthy, pumping up your immune system. There are few medical options better for a cold than a heavy dose of garlic.

Keep natural remedies as your go-to healthy options, and avoid pumping yourself up with pharmaceuticals. Keep your head clear and your heart healthy, while mixing some great herbs and spices into your diet.